First of all, we know that this year has been more difficult and crazy than any of us could have imagined, and it certainly hasn’t been the start to summer that we had planned. However, we’re delighted to bring you some positive news regarding what Luther Lifestyle has in store for Summer 2020! 


With Spain’s recent announcements regarding the status of COVID-19, it has been officially confirmed that Barcelona will be allowing tourists to visit this summer from the beginning of July. As other restrictions have also started to lift, it’s now more clear that we definitely will be able to resume our season in some capacity in 2020. Bars, restaurants, and beaches have already started to open back up, and we are also seeing more and more flights operating in and out of Spain from July onwards. It looks like open-air venues and clubs are likely to follow, so we’re feeling really positive about how Summer 2020 is looking, and we’re planning on launching our season from 1st July.


Having been stuck inside for the past few months, we’re all massively excited to finally be able to get away and kickstart our lives back into action. We know that the idea of some sun, beaches, and most of all, a bit of normality, sounds perfect to many of us, and we can’t wait to help make this a reality. 


Of course, this summer will definitely look different for the entire travel and party industry, and the health and safety of our guests and staff is going to be an utmost priority. There’ll be tonnes of changes to be made- think open-air venues, limited capacity events, increased hygiene measures, and a whole host of new inventive ways to party and socialise. We have been collaborating with our partner venues to make sure that we can provide the best (and safest!) parties possible, and we can’t wait to finally bring some positivity, fun, and good times to 2020. 


We hope that you’ve all been staying safe and healthy during this time, and we’re so glad that there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. We’re excited for this new chapter to begin, and we can’t wait to see all of our guests, and our team, very soon. ❤️