About Us

Luther Lifestyle was founded through our passion for organising huge parties, planning memorable trips & bringing people together to live life on their own terms. We are here to create the most unique experience possible. What makes us unique is the key ingredient that we live, breath and sleep this Lifestyle. Luther means ‘People army’ which is exactly what we are.

At Luther Lifestyle we specialise in hosting Barcelona’s most exclusive weekly SummerSeries parties, VIP events, Lifestyle & Trip management. Our team has vast experience in this area, having established trusted relationships with the world’s most exclusive clubs, hotels, venues, restaurants and event promoters. We are the best at what we do and we want to ensure we can offer experiences that are completely unique.


Welcome to the Cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Europe’s number one destination for nightlife, beaches & culture.  Barcelona is our home & the place where we create memories & dreams. Prepare to be blown away by this Vibrant city located on the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona offers something for everyone. Our summer series opening party kicks off in May & we will continue to throw the biggest events every week until the beginning of October along with planning many of our clients itinerary for their trip here. Let us show you the city.